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Month of August

12 - Eid’l Adha – No Classes

17,19 -20 - First  Periodical Test

21 - Ninoy Aquino Day – No Classes

      Foundation Anniversary of the Diocese of Pasig

23- Culminating Activity - Buwan ng Wika




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September 2019

postheadericon stvps

postheadericon STVPS Math and Science Activities 2019

By Roanne Aurel S. Paro Cruz

    Nowadays, students need to make different things on their own. Great teachers of Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parochial School structures their interactions with Mathematics and Science in ways that are memorable, meaningful and fun. One way to do this is to provide activities that stretch beyond the textbook and lead students to think, strategize and learn on their own ways or to interact with their schoolmates. The real benefit of Math and Science is how it trains the brain of the students to think and practice various techniques and strategies to solve problems leading to the development of their critical thinking skills.
On January 23, 2019, STVPS Officers and Members of Mathematics Club with their proud administrators and teachers officially started their Math Games 2019, consisting of different competitive games like Tangram for elementary pupils and Rubik’s Cube, Damath and Tower of Hanoi for elementary and high school students. As a member of this club, learning while having fun is a big part of our goal. The program started with the Opening Prayer led by Ms. Franzelle C. Caeg, Opening Remarks by our School Director, Dr. Leo B. Galve and Inspirational Speech by our beloved and gorgeous School Principal, Dr. Marcella Bejado. Before anything else, Mr. Luis Sidney Mariano proudly presented the active participants following the Mechanics of the Game which was clearly discussed by Mr. Raphael G. Tizon and Ms. Bianca Yzabelle Valenzuela. The program was hosted by Mr. Royce Christian L. Bitoy and Ms. Roanne Aurel S. Paro Cruz. On the 24th day of January, the Math and Science Quiz Bee for elementary pupils, consisting of Grades 4, 5, and 6 took place while the Math and Science Quiz Bee for high school students from Grades 7-10 happened on the 25th.
The Announcement of Winners and Awarding of Medals and Certificates were headed by Ms. Maria Lucia M. Cruz, Maths Coordinator, Mr. Joseph S. Cruz, Science Coordinator and the whole STVPS Maths and Science teachers who were there from Day 1 until the end. Their passion and eagerness to help the students build their skills and learn different things were highly appreciated. Win or lose, each one of us ended this program with new learning both in academics and our personal life.
Winners:   Tangram Contest
Grade 1
1st place – Rain C. San Agustin
2nd place – Lucas Valmont P. Diño
3rd place – AizelCarelyn M. Bautista

Grade 2
1st place – AkeishaNaomey C. Perez
2nd place – Mai Victoria N. Pidor
3rd place – Francis Anthony S. Rubia

Grade 3
1st place – John Edward L. Chua
2nd place – Uriel Santino V. Limgenco
3rd place – Aquilla S. Godoy

Winners:  Tower of Hanoi

Elementary Department
1st place – Jillian Carmel C. Bulan
2nd place – Gwen A. Caoile
3rd place – LianeMargareth A. Eugenio

High School Department
1st place – LauperAbgail V. Francisco
2nd place – Maria Polah F. Sarmiento
3rd place – Andrea Kate A. Espiritu

Winners: Rubik’s Cube

Elementary Department
1st place – Jayden C. Makiramdam
2nd place – Tayshaun Dave L. Cruz
3rd place – Zeidrick Dave L. Latorena

Highschool Department
1st place – Jared Russel M. Rebadomia
2nd place – Kurt Joshua C. Cortez
3rd place – Joseph Gerard S. Padel

Winners:  Damath Challenge
Grade 4
1st place – Sean Emmanuel O. Formalejo
2nd place - Adreanna C. Adriano
3rd place – Jeremiah Gerald S. Padel

Grade 5
1st place – Kenneth Joseph I. Robles
2nd place – Zhen Krystelle R. Robelo
3rd place – Leidy Hilary C. Aggabao

Grade 6
1st place – Francis J. Formalejo
2nd place – Jannah Arwen R. Garcia
3rd place – Charles Alexander A. Sevilla

Grade 7
1st place – John Vishnu D. Golosino
2nd place – Bertram Ulrich Noryll G. Ferrer
3rd place – John Joshua T. Dumalaog

Grade 8
1st place – Marc Louis R. Malvar
2nd place – Daniella Louise S. Barbacena
3rd place – Ma.Rodeth Evangelista

Grade 9
1st place – Ram Ezekiel O. Saballa
2nd place – John Paul C. Callejo
3rd place – Gabriel Miles D. Golosino

Grade 10
1st place – Franzelle C. Caeg
2nd place – RicClarenz C. Pascual
3rd place – Mark Luis C. Samson

Math and Science Quiz Bee

Elementary Department
1st place – Bernadine B. Balila (Grade 4)
    Ma. Mikaela O. Bubutan (Grade 5)
    Johnnex Kaiser B. Ramos (Grade 6)

2nd place – Pauline L. Dimayuga (Grade 4)
    ChristelleTrixine L. Piduca (Grade 5)
    Rhianne Eunice D. Ramos (Grade 6)

3rd place – Sean Emmanuel O. Formalejo (Grade 4)
    Rauna Celine C. Ereve (Grade 5)
    Miguel Antonio R. Valentino (Grade 6)

High School Department
1st place – Alexandra S. Verdadero (Grade 7)
    Rana Bettina P. Gonzales (Grade 8)
    Hans Christian G. Petil (Grade 9)
    Hanz Tristan O. Cruz (Grade 10)

2nd place – Lia Andrea R. Ronsario (Grade 7)
    Ma.Rodeth C. Evangelista (Grade 8)
    Raphael G. Tizon (Grade 9)
    Patricia D. Escarmosa (Grade 10)

3rd place – Khym Nicole D. Diaz (Grade 7)
    Daniella Louise S. Barbacena (Grade 8)
    Reabel Ann H. Bautista (Grade 9)
    Alyssa Rein M. Hablado (Grade 10)


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