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postheadericon English Department holds Spelling Bee and Literary Quiz Bee

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    The English department held its annual Spelling Bee last November 10-12 and the Literary Quiz Bee last November 21, 2014.
    The primary level had its elimination round. The Grade 1 level was participated in by:
1.    Julia Marie C. Villaruel
2.    Ashleigh Seff D. Raza
3.    Leidy Hillary G. Aggabao
4.    Venice Ciarra Mae M. Bautista
5.    Alexis Christiene Marie M. Ramirez
6.    Shanesca U. Villanueva
7.    Zeidrick Dave L. Latorena
8.    Christelle Trixine L. Piduca     (3rd Placer)
9.    Rauna Celine C. Ereve    (2nd Placer)
10.    Ma. Mikaela O. Bubutan     (1st Placer)

The Grade 2 participants were:
1.    Elaeza Venneth R. Abundo
2.    Hayato Kevin B. Soriano
3.    John Ceazar F. Maglantay
4.    Arvin G. Abellar
5.    Alexander B. Balajadia
6.    Zynah Viel C. Consador
7.    Tayshaun Dave L. Cruz
8.    Fausti Mikael P. Icaro   (3rd Placer)
9.    Johnnex Kaiser B. Ramos     (2nd Placer)
10.    Shanelle Margarette L. Marcelino     (1st Placer)

The Grade 3 pupils who also joined were:
1.    Charmae A. Senarpida
2.    Angeline A. Alfafara
3.    Aeman Meir V. Rogado
4.    James T. Eudela
5.    John Leonard M. Allauigan
6.    Lia Andrea R. Ronsairo
7.    Margarette Joy M. Oliveros
8.    Loraine S. Alcantara
9.    Sandra Felise A. Limgenco    (3rd Placer)
10.    Ynah Ferron M. Santos    (2nd Placer)
11.    Zyanne Vernice C. Consador     (1st Placer)

The literary Quiz bee was participated in by the intermediate level from grade 4-6.  They were grouped into five of three members. The winners were:
               FIRST PLACE  ( Group Four )
. Clarenz Ellie A. Eugenio   (G4)
.Frances Sophia A. Santos     (G5)
.Royce Christian L. Bitoy    (G6)
              SECOND PLACE   (Group Give )
. Keyt Angela T. Amigleo    (G4)
. Raphael G. Tizon   (G5)
. Garvey Isaac G. Reyes     (G6)
              THIRD PLACE   ( Group Two)
. Samantha J. Salvacion    (G4)
. Diana Jane E. Avena    (G5)
. Natanelle Mari R. Berse   (G6)

    Other participants were Carlos Miguel R. Sylio (G4), Sam Emmeanuel O. Formalejo (G5), Kirsten Riella Jugo (G6), Krisjane YUmi V. LAuc (G4), Andreason M. Señora (G5), and Isabella Louise R. Colagong (G6).
    The Spelling Bee was administered by Mrs. Ingrid C. Castillo together with Mr. Arcel Umipig, Ms. Rodylyn Meñoza and Mr. Drean Sabuco while the Literary Quiz Bee was administered by Ms. Marvie Grace Tejada with Mrs. Glaiza Medina and Mrs. Elfreen Salinas.