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postheadericon Meeting with Fr. Orlando Cantillon, Newly elected PAC Officers, attend

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By: Anna Mickaela Caingat
The newly elected PAC Officers conferred its very first meeting with the
school director, Rev. Fr. Orlando Cantillon, last August 11, 2014 at the school
library. The meeting started at 2:00pm with the opening prayer from our dear
school director.

The meeting highlighted the four comittees. The following are the 
comittees and their members:

A. Worship Comittee
1. Mrs. Susan Tagle
2. Ileen Cestina
3. Mr. Rommel Tejada
4. Mrs. Mylyn Piduca
5. Mrs. Jacqueline Gutierrez

B. Formation Comittee
1. Mrs. Melody Bayer
2. Mrs. Carol Santiago
3. Mrs. Maureen Rogado
4. Mrs. Marilen Reyes
5. Mrs. Michelle Duzon
6. Leticia Tropa

C. Temporalities Comittee
1. Mrs. Lorna Grepaldeo
2. mrs. Edna Trajano
3. Mrs. Luz Cruz
4. Mrs. Elsa Cruz
5. Mrs. Grace Revilla

Fr. Cantillon also discussed the Bishop Vergara's Scholarship Program
for those unfortunate children who want a Catholic education be given a
chance to study. It will be funded by the planned institutionalconcert 
this January 2015.

Another issue tackled was the suggestion of having Parenting Seminar
that will nutrture a good relationship between children and parents. Issues
on Zumba every Friday at 5-6pm was also discussed and should be pushed
through. And the last thing that was discussed was the Family Day which
will be celebrated during the Foundation Day.

The meeting adjourned with a closing prayer.

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