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Dance Troupe



1. To arouse interest and enhance the students skills in dancing.

2. To provide student's the opportunity to show case their God given talents in dancing through participation in school activities and programs.

3. To promote wellness and wholesome recreational program.


     President: Romiena Gonzales

     Vice President: Shaneska Tagle

     Secretary: Gabriel Paden

     Asst.Secretary: Angle Casarino

     Treasurer: Alen Eymard Perez

     Asst.Treasurer: Jakkim Befinosa

     Sgt.& Arms: Zachary Diaz

                          Raffy Garcia

     Muse: Regine Flores

     Escort: Kyle Balagtas

                                                                                Mrs. Glaiza M. Medina

                                                                                     Club Moderator

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