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It has been customary for Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parochial School to dedicate the new school year to the Blessed Virgin Mary as it opens the formal classes on June 10, 2019. The school year is blissful in terms of enrolment surpassing the previous roll of students to more than 50 new entrants. Significant increase is notable in Preschool and Grade 7 prompting the administration to divide classes of Nursery and Kinder to two sections and Grade 7 to 4 sections.
The increase could be attributed to the active involvement of the school to the parish and the community and observable dedication and persistence towards excellence to Catholic Education of school personnel.
A new appointee has been approved for the Office of Collegiality and Friendship Officer to assist the Guidance Advocate and occupy the Office of the Campus Ministry.
Rev. Fr. Darwin L. Calderon, School Chaplain, spearheaded the dedication with Dr. Leo Galve prior to the blessing of all students, parents and personnel. The school is grateful to the community of Santolan and the nearby communities for sending their children to the Parochial School of Sto. Tomas.
 “I will love you Lord, with all my strengths, with all my powers, as much as I am able.” - Sto. Tomas.

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