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postheadericon Dr. Galve Re-Certifies 5 Private Schools in Bohol

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 Another appointment was forwarded by PEAC - FAPE to the Office of School Director, Dr. Leo B. Galve to re-certify 5 private schools in Bohol on March 11-15, 2019. The re-certification program aims to determine if recipient schools comply with the DepEd minimum standards in order to continue receiving government assistance to its students.
Flying early to Bohol on a Sunday morning together with a PEAC representative, Dr. Galve was fetched in the airport by the couch captain and a member of certification team from Cebu. Housed in Carmen Villa for three days, the group certified a congregational school and two parochial schools namely Presentation of Mary School of Clarin, Immaculate Academy and San Miguel Academy in Clarin, Duero, and Mayana.
In the late afternoon of Wednesday, the team moved in Tagbilaran to stay at Bohol Sunset Villa and prepare to re-certify Bohol International Learning College and Arbasto Foundation in Dela Paz and Cortes on Thursday and Friday.
The team flew back to Manila on March 16, 2019 reminiscing the hospitality and the warmth of the Bol-anon.

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