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By: Vanessa D. Rogel

    Last June 28, 2017, selected students from Grades 4 to 10 went room-to-room during the campaign period for the election of SSG Officers. Two party lists namely: POWER (People Of Will, Experience, and Responsibility) and RightMED (Right Movers on Excellence and Discipline), competed for the positions from President to the Representatives of Grades 4-10. The next day, after the celebration of the Holy Spirit Mass, the Meeting de Avance was held. Students were encouraged to listen to both party lists as they introduced themselves and explained their platforms for the school year. Students were given a day to think of whom to vote for and running officers were given a chance to prove their worth to be in the position. On June 30, 2017, after the Flag Ceremony, the elections took place followed by the tallying the votes. Immediately after the 12 noon Angelus, the school announced the newly elected officers. They are as follows:

    President:             Romelyn Margareth P. Gonzales
    Vice President (Internal):    Vanessa D. Rogel
    Vice President (External):    Rayeziel Adriene Ma. G. Quilala
    Secretary:             Hana Jessica P. Frial
    Assistant Secretary:        Ma. Kylene Andrea B. Legaspi
    Treasurer:            Micah Beatrix B. Cruz
    Assistant Treasurer:        Franzelle C. Caeg
    Auditor:            Angelica Joy O. Piscasio
    Public Relations Officer:    Catherine Dawn G. Belga
    Sgt. At Arms:            Yuan Vergel A. Limgenco
                    Roanne Aurel S. Paro Cruz
    Muse:                Zyrejane Cled A. Buenvenida
    Escort:             Shai Frederick R. Base
    Grade 4 Representative:    Rauna Celine C. Ereve
    Grade 5 Representative:    Zyllana P. Cabalatungan
    Grade 6 Representative:    Zyanne Vernice C. Consador
    Grade 7 Representative:    Daniella Louise S. Barbacena
    Grade 8 Representative:    Kyle Jewel H. Isaac
    Grade 9 Representative:    Robert John C. Villar
    Grade 10 Representative:    Rachele T. Velarde

They are the officers who will do their duties and responsibilities for the school year 2017-2018. They were cheered and congratulated by the students and personnel.

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