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By: RazelleTiongson

September 1, 2016 – Festivities ran high in STVPS as the students showed their pride for their respective teams. Red Stallions and Green Eagles’ banners were plastered on the grade school and high school buildings. The excitement can be felt through the morning air as one of the most anticipated parts of a student’s high school life was nearing in.

  The program started at 7:30 in the morning with the hosts Mr. Ron John Villaseñor and Ms. Joy Anne Puazo. Before the program started was the announcement and launching of the 50th Anniversary concert of STVPS. The “Little Mr. and Ms. STVPS” had their introduction and catwalk, following the order of appearance by Red Stallions, Yellow Cubs, Green Eagles, Blue Spartans and the last but not the least, the Black Phoenix. After the “Little Mr. and Ms. STVPS” were done with their catwalk and introduction, the High School counterpart were up next and were introduced in the same order of the Little Mr. and Ms. The judges for the sportswear were also introduced which include  Mr. Great Allan Ong, Sr. Rosalie P. Regencia, Mr. Eleazar Pada, Mr. Joel  Yacap and  Ms. Angelica Pearl Recio. At 8:00 to 8:10 a.m., the “Little Mr. and Ms.” had their sportswear competition in the same order with the Red Stallions as the first and Black Phoenix the last. Up next were the “Mr. and Ms. STVPS” showcasing their sportswear lasted for another 10 minutes.

After the competition, a short break was provided to prepare athletes for the first game of the intramurals. The first game of Basketball Girls was the Red Stallions against Green Eagles. Sr. Rosalie held the ceremonial toss. Green Eagles got the head start being the first to get the ball and scored the first point for the game. The Red Stallions caught ahead with scoring two more points and dominated the first half of the game, Red with the score of 6 and Green with the score of 2.The game ended with the Red Stallions as the winner for the total score of 12 against the Green Eagles’ 8 points. Some honorable mentions of players who scored the most for their respective teams were Fernandez and Morales of Red Stallions and Garcia and Ramos for Green Eagles.

Up next was the Basketball Boys of Red Stallions against Green Eagles.  Mr. Gaspar of the Red Stallions and Mr. De Guzman of the Green Eagles were assigned as Ball Captains. Mr. Leo Galve held the ceremonial toss.  The game started at 9:20. The first point was earned by Green Eagles but the first set of the game was in favor of the Red Stallions with a score of 18 and 12. The second set of the game favored Green Eagles with a score of 28 against 22 of the Red. The third and fourth sets of the game were dominated by the Red Stallions. Red Stallions caught up in the third set dominating with a score of 45 and 30 of the Green. Almost at the end of the fourth quarter, the Reds scored 56 against the score of 53 by the Greens.  Should the three-point shot been released by Mr. Viscayno before the buzzer, the game could have been extended.  Red Stallions bagged the first place in both boys’ and girls’ basketball.  Special citation was awarded to players who scored the most.  Mr. Viscayno and Mr. De Guzman scored high for the Green Eagles and Mr. Gaspar and Mr. Labicane for the Red Stallions.