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postheadericon STVPS Documents 2016 MaPSA General Assembly

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    For four (4) times in the span of 5 years, STVPS documents the 2016 MaPSA General Assembly.  Dr. Leo B. Galve, chairman of the documentation committee sought the expertise of Mr. Joseph S. Cruz to take still photos and Mr. Great Allan M. Ong to take video clips. Dr. Leo B. Galve collates these photos and clips to an audio-video presentation as the recap of the previous day’s proceedings.  The chairman himself designs the presentation and talents the voice for Noel, the virtual character.  The team presents two recaps for day 2 and 3 of the assembly.  Dr. Leo B. Galve was tasked by the steering committee to provide the assembly synthesis of the three-day assembly.  Rev. Fr. Fidel G. Fabile was satisfied with the presentation of the team.  Rev. Fr. Albert N. Delvo suggested that the virtual character be renamed to Leo G to make the presentation more realistic.