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12 - Eid’l Adha – No Classes

17,19 -20 - First  Periodical Test

21 - Ninoy Aquino Day – No Classes

      Foundation Anniversary of the Diocese of Pasig

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January 2020

postheadericon stvps

postheadericon Interesting Research Proposals

By Admin

In preparation to present the final thesis paper in Grade 10, Grade 9 students of Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parochial School presented their Thesis Proposals last February 11 to 13, 2019. The thesis proposals were presented to Dr. Leo B. Galve, Dr. Marcella D. Bejado, Ms. Maria Imelda M. Balabat, Mr. Alistaire Vergara, and Ms. Carlene Ann Huab as panelists.

The Titles, supported by Chapter 1 - The Problem and It's Background; Chapter 2 - Review of Related Studies and Literature; and Chapter 3 - Research Methodology, were presented by group of students consisting of 6 to 7 members. All 19 titles passed the rigid scrutiny of panel for approval. The remaining 2 chapters shall be completed in Grade 10.

Prior to writing the first 3 chapters, an adviser was assigned to assist the groups. This innovation improved the quality of the paper reducing technical writing limitations.

Grade 9 – St. Joseph Husband of Mary


 Approved Title Adviser
1.  Impact of Physical Education and Sports Activities to the Academic Performance of High School Students of Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parochial School
Mr. Rafael David Nolasco
 2.  Factors Affecting Difficulties of Junior High School in Learning Mathematics:  A Basis for Peer Mentoring Program
Mr. Mark Deniel Santos
3.  “MY STVPS” A Smart Mobile Application for Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parochial School – A System Analysis and Development ApproachMr. Great Allan Ong, MSCS
 4.  Discovering the Reasons Behind the Degeneration of Filipino Values in Grades 9 and 10 Students of Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parochial School:  Basic Curriculum Development for EsP Mrs. Rechelle Carolino, MAEd
 5.  Connectivity of Student’s Health and Behavior Towards Improvement of General School Performance
Ms. Carleen Ann Huab
 6.  The Perspectives of Junior High School Students in Choosing an Ideal Supreme Student Government LeaderMs. Maria Imelda Balabat
 7.  A Collaborative Effort of Youth Empowerment in Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parochial School Mentoring ProgramMrs. Helen Aquino, MAEd


Grade 9 – Mary Undoer of Knots

Approved Title
 1.  The Impact of Social Networking Sites to Grade 9 Students’ Consumption Pattern in Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parochial SchoolMs. Jennifer Diaz
 2.  Kalagayan sa Paggamit ng Wikang Pilipino sa Kasalukuyang PanahonMs. Katrina Ariem
 3.  Technology vs. Old Fashion Way:  A Study of the Teaching Style and the Comprehension Level of Kindergarten School Year 2018-2019   Marcella Bejado, PhD.
 4.  Understanding the Factors Affecting Individuals’ Gender PreferenceMrs. Rechelle Carolino, MAEd
 5.  Research Insights of Alumni and Students of Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parochial School Mr. Joseph Cruz, MAEd
 6.  Effects of Heterogeneous Grouping to the Academic Performance of Students at Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parochial SchoolLeo B. Galve, DEM

Grade 9 – Immaculate Conception of Mary

Approved Title
 1.  Depression, Anxiety and Stress Levels Among Students of Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parochial School:  Basis for Mental Health Care Intervention 
Ms. Carleen Ann Huab
 2.  Some Familial Background of Students with Disciplinary Programs and Its Relation to their Academic Performance
Leo Galve, DEM
 3.  Students’ Perspectives in Relation to the Academic Performance in Mathematics:  An Analysis
Mr. Mark Deniel Santos
 4.  Epektong Dulot ng Social Media sa Asignaturang Filipino ng mga Mag-Aral ng Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parochial School
Ms. Maria Lourdes Belza
 5.  Correlation of English Language Proficiency and Academic Performance in Science and Mathematics of Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parochial School Grade 9 Students
Marcella Bejado, PhD
 6.  Creating Educational Video Clip to Supplement the Science Subject of Grade 6 in Filipino Language
Mr. Joseph Cruz, MAEd


 Congratulations Grade 9 students. You have proven that with proper guidance and strong determination, you could make a Research Paper worthy to be published!

Last Updated (Tuesday, 19 March 2019 14:02)


postheadericon ENGLISH WEEK CELEBRATION 2018-2019

Last November 26-28, 2018, The English Department held its annual programs which were the Spelling Bee competitions for Kindergarten up to the Grade School level, as well as the Cosplay and Career Day for Nursery and Preschool. First activity to take place was the Cosplay presentation from the Preschool. The students were very happy as they presented their favorite cartoon characters. They were also enthusiastic and cheerful when they recited some of their favorite lines from each of their chosen character. Their parents were also present in the program and made sure that their children will have an instagramable photo. The Grades 1-3 also showcased their dream jobs with their own unique costumes. Their parents were very proud and very supportive as they witnessed their children stated what he/she wanted to be in the future. Each of the participants was given a certificate as a sign of their active participation in the said programs.  Next to take place were the spelling bee competitions which happened in the afternoons of November 28-29, 2018. There were different categories for specific levels. The Kindergarten had its easy, moderate, and difficult rounds, while the Grade School level had its easy, average, and difficult rounds. The quiz masters were Ms. Ann Margaret Genato and Ms. Alanis Rempillo. The participants really gave their best and were all feeling great as they joined the competition. The Spelling Bee for the Grade School level had a tie breaker since all the participants were very eager to win.  
The winners for the Spelling Bee Competitions are the following:
Saint Michael
•    1st Place - Jasmine Abiog,
•    2nd Place - Franchesca Keish Valdehueza
•    3rd Place – Franz Gabrielle Pamplona
Saint Rafael
•    1st Place - Brenan Hardy Cabutotan
•    2nd Place - Sophia Isabelle Gutierrez
•    3rd Place – Princess Hailey Jeresano
Grade School Level: Grade 3
•    1st Place – Oscar Johannes Pastorin (Grade 3)
•    2nd Place – Danielle Jade Avena (Grade 3 – SMDP)
•    3rd Place – Angelo Gabriel Loremas ( Grade 3 – SNDC)
Grades 4-6
•    1st Place – Group 2
-    Romeo Achilles Valencia
-    Yuri Siege Sy
-    Jillian Carmel Bulan

Last Updated (Tuesday, 19 February 2019 23:41)

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postheadericon STVPS Math and Science Activities 2019

By Roanne Aurel S. Paro Cruz

    Nowadays, students need to make different things on their own. Great teachers of Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parochial School structures their interactions with Mathematics and Science in ways that are memorable, meaningful and fun. One way to do this is to provide activities that stretch beyond the textbook and lead students to think, strategize and learn on their own ways or to interact with their schoolmates. The real benefit of Math and Science is how it trains the brain of the students to think and practice various techniques and strategies to solve problems leading to the development of their critical thinking skills.
On January 23, 2019, STVPS Officers and Members of Mathematics Club with their proud administrators and teachers officially started their Math Games 2019, consisting of different competitive games like Tangram for elementary pupils and Rubik’s Cube, Damath and Tower of Hanoi for elementary and high school students. As a member of this club, learning while having fun is a big part of our goal. The program started with the Opening Prayer led by Ms. Franzelle C. Caeg, Opening Remarks by our School Director, Dr. Leo B. Galve and Inspirational Speech by our beloved and gorgeous School Principal, Dr. Marcella Bejado. Before anything else, Mr. Luis Sidney Mariano proudly presented the active participants following the Mechanics of the Game which was clearly discussed by Mr. Raphael G. Tizon and Ms. Bianca Yzabelle Valenzuela. The program was hosted by Mr. Royce Christian L. Bitoy and Ms. Roanne Aurel S. Paro Cruz. On the 24th day of January, the Math and Science Quiz Bee for elementary pupils, consisting of Grades 4, 5, and 6 took place while the Math and Science Quiz Bee for high school students from Grades 7-10 happened on the 25th.
The Announcement of Winners and Awarding of Medals and Certificates were headed by Ms. Maria Lucia M. Cruz, Maths Coordinator, Mr. Joseph S. Cruz, Science Coordinator and the whole STVPS Maths and Science teachers who were there from Day 1 until the end. Their passion and eagerness to help the students build their skills and learn different things were highly appreciated. Win or lose, each one of us ended this program with new learning both in academics and our personal life.
Winners:   Tangram Contest
Grade 1
1st place – Rain C. San Agustin
2nd place – Lucas Valmont P. Diño
3rd place – AizelCarelyn M. Bautista

Grade 2
1st place – AkeishaNaomey C. Perez
2nd place – Mai Victoria N. Pidor
3rd place – Francis Anthony S. Rubia

Grade 3
1st place – John Edward L. Chua
2nd place – Uriel Santino V. Limgenco
3rd place – Aquilla S. Godoy

Last Updated (Tuesday, 19 March 2019 14:16)

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postheadericon Astounding Celebration of the English Week 2k19: Musical Play 101

By: Alyssa Rein M. Hablado

The students were very excited with this one of a kind activity prepared by the English department of Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parochial School. The activity was held on January 21, 2019 in the STVPS ground at around 1 o’ clock in the afternoon. The program was attended by the parents and visitors. The musical play aims to showcase the students’ knowledge and skills in dancing, singing, script writing, and in artistry. The students, teachers, and staffs were all busy in giving their efforts for the success of the program. The participants were from Grades 7-10. Every student had his/her own special task such as being part of the technical committee, props and costumes, script writers and directors. It was also the first time that the school had a Musical Play. The students performed scenes from High School Musical, Mamma Mia, Into the Woods, Pitch Perfect, Glee, Annie, The Greatest Showman, and Beauty and the Beast.
    The program started with an opening prayer delivered by yours truly from Grade 10 –Divine Mercy. It was followed by the opening remarks given by Mrs. Angelou A. Manzalay Grades 7-8 English teacher. The masters of the ceremony were Ms. Ann Margaret B. Genato and Ms. Alanis Rempillo. The first performer of the play was from Grade 7 – St. Jose Sanchez Del Rio. They were followed by their fellow Grade 7 students – St. Maria Goretti and Bl. Georgio Piere Frassati. After the wonderful performance of the Grade 7 students, they were proceeded by the Grade 8 students from St. Antonio de Padua, St. Gianna Beretta Molla , and St. Francis of Assisi. Their performances caught the attention of the as well as their creativity with their props. The students from St. Joseph Husband of Mary were the first to perform for the Grade 9 level. They were followed by Mary Undoer of Knots and Immaculate Concepcion of Mary. The Grade 9 students really enjoyed their performances as seen in their lovely faces. The last but definitely not the least was the students from Grade 10. First to perform were the students from the section St. Tomas of Villanova, followed by St. Thomas of Aquinas, and Divine Mercy. The Grade 10 students really showcased their talents in making their musical plays excellent. Their efforts and hard work were evident in their performances.
As each section gave the fruits of their labor, it was not easy to pick the awardees. They paved their hard work and did a very good job in showing their talents.  Here are the lists of the winners and the names of the students and sections who received special awards.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 13 February 2019 01:33)

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postheadericon Dr. Galve Braves South of the Philippines

By Admin

What could have been a chilling experience to certify schools in Benguet was replaced by a short exciting trip to the south of the Philippines.

Dr. Galve was scheduled by PEAC - FAPE to certify private schools in Zamboanga City and Sarangani. Together with him were Mr. Jed Rivera from Cebu and Mr. Rocky Acluba from PEAC Central Office.

Day 1 - January 24, 2019

     The first school for certification was a small school from Duhol-duhol, Siasi, Sulu. PEAC requested that the school be certified in Ateneo de Zamboanga as the security is uncertain and the transportation is scarce. All school documents and several school personnel were transported to Zamboanga City. Pictures and video footages were part of the transported package to the Peninsula. Since there was no classroom observation, Mr. Rocky Acluba set-up an on-the-spot interview with students through a phone patch.

On January 25, 2019, the team flew from Zamboanga to Davao and boarded a bus for Gen. Santos City. The three hours land cruise provided certifiers an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the province.

Day 2 - January 26, 2019

The next school for certification was a memorial learning center that offers Open High School program in Malungon, province of Sarangani, hence, classes are held on a Saturday. Teachers are transported to Bangayan, a 45-minute travel by a motorcycle from the main campus. Because of the absence of classrooms, teachers held their classes in a small waiting shed. The travel was difficult as the road is too steep and slippery brought by drizzles. The certifiers were able to convene at their headquarters in the main campus by almost 12 noon. Early in the afternoon, the team headed back to Gen. Santos as Dr. Leo Galve and Mr. Rocky Acloba had to catch their flight back to Manila.

Certifiers saw the eagerness of young people to learn despite the absence of classrooms. On the other hand, teachers brave the terrain in all weather conditions well-prepared to teach.  May the Lord continue to bless them with enough strength and wisdom in sustaining their dedication to excellent education!

Last Updated (Friday, 01 February 2019 02:37)

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