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January 28, 29, 30, 31 - MAPEH Week

February 1 - First Friday Mass 




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June 2019

postheadericon stvps

postheadericon Outstanding Celebration of TLE/Computer Week and Nutrition Month

By: Alyssa Rein M. Hablado
Grade 10- Divine Mercy

Through the years, the TLE and Computer Department has always been successful in conducting its events in the TLE/Computer month. Last month, the department held its annual culminating event. The STVPS students showcased their talents in cosplaying, cooking, and providing services to their fellow students and their teachers.

The Preschool, Elementary and Junior High School students have their own contributions to the said event. The preschool pupils happily engaged themselves in salad making. They also joined the costume play contest (Cosplay) together with the elementary students wherein they showed and acted their chosen characters from different shows and games. Truly, each of them slayed his/her ramp using colorful costumes. The Ministry of Technology had their first general assembly in which they elected their officers and planned their activities. In addition, they conducted their seminar/workshop entitled “Basic Photography/Taking Care of Gadgets” – the do’s and don’ts. For the High School students, there were different activities assigned. The Grade 7 and Grade 8 students joyfully participated in the Poster Making Contest. Each group in various grade levels made an eye-opening poster expressing the theme of "Ugaliing Magtanim, Sapat na Nutrisyon Aanihin". Moreover, the Grade 9 students conducted their Trade Fair which includes Food Bazaar, Garage (Ukay-Ukay) and different services: hair coloring and braiding as well as body painting. The Trade Fair activity showed that STVians are not just great in academics but they also have excellent future in being enthusiastic entrepreneurs. The Grade 10 students also displayed their talent in cooking in this year’s Cook Fest. They have showed eminent effort, notable skills, and remarkable cooperation throughout the competition. Different groups made authentic designs which represent their chosen countries. Lastly, participants from the Elementary and High School Department joined the Computer Games Competition. The students did their best to win and to cooperate with one another.

The culminating activity was held on July 27, 2018 on the STVPS ground. The participants received their certificates and awards for the joined contest. The winners for each contest category are as follows:

1. Computer Games (ELEM/HS)
         Computer Game (Elementary) - John Christopher L. Galve of Grade 3
         Typing Test Video Game (Elementary) - Julian Marcus D. Dulay of Grade 5
         Mobile App Game (Highschool) - Erindey Neeza G. Navales of Grade 10

2. Winners of Poster Making Contest (Grades 7&8)
        a. 3rd Place - Group 1 from Grade 8- Saint Anthony of Padua
        b. 2nd Place- Group 3 from Grade 8- Saint Francis of Assisi
        c. 1st Place- Group 1 of Grade 8- Saint Gianna Baretta Molla

3. Trade Fair Winners (Best Booth)
        Best Booth in Food Bazaar- "E-bike ni Aling Gigette" of Grade 9- Mary Undoer of Knots
        Best Booth in Garage (Ukay Ukay) - "Ukay-Ukay, Kayang-Kaya" of Grade 9- Saint Joseph
         Husband of Mary
        Best Booth in Different Services- "Bellas Beauty Service" of Grade 9- Mary Undoer of

4. Costume Play Contest Winners
        a. 3rd Place - Irdremea Cielo Edroso of Grade 5
        b. 2nd Place- Jillian Bolan of Grade 6
        c. 1st Place- Ma. Kelsey Venice B. Legaspi of Grade 4

5. Cooking/Food Festival Winners
        a. Runners up- Vietnam of Grade 10- Saint Thomas of Aquinas
                                  Japan of Grade 10- Saint Thomas of Villanueva
        b. 4th Place- China of Grade 10 Saint- Thomas of Aquinas
        c. 3rd Place - Malaysia of Grade 10- Divine Mercy
        d. 2nd Place- Korea of Grade 10- Saint Thomas of Villanueva
        e. 1st Place- Singapore of Grade 10- Divine Mercy

Individual Awards:
          a. Best Leader- Sean Kelvin V. Cruz of Grade 10- Divine Mercy
          a. Best Chef- Laurence B. Legaspi of Grade 10- Divine Mercy

Last Updated (Sunday, 19 August 2018 05:42)

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postheadericon STVPS Loans iPaDs and Laptops to School Personnel

By Admin

    Last July 27, 2018, 6 iPaDs and 2 laptops were loaned to school personnel of STVPS.  Hoping to upgrade the delivery of learning, iPaDs and Laptops were loaned to interested personnel to be paid for 12 months and 8 months for tenured and non-tenured employees respectively.  One of the applicants cited that the use of these gadgets intended for classroom instruction will provide an opportunity to present the lesson in an interesting manner for students’ better understanding.  Several classrooms were equipped with LED TV making the presentation even more interesting, technologically updated and educationally innovative.    Furthermore, the school purchased additional projectors for classroom instructions.  
Indeed, technology rocks the classrooms seriously!!!

Last Updated (Friday, 17 August 2018 11:06)


postheadericon Dr. Galve presents the IOGP to Sta. Rosa de Lima Parish and Sta. Rosa Catholic School

By Admin

    Dr. Leo B. Galve, one of the proponents of Parish and School Partnership, was invited to present the Implementing Operational Guidelines to Sta. Rosa de Lima Parish Pastoral Council Officers and the Sta. Rosa Catholic School Personnel last July 16, 2018.  
The manual which was conceived and drafted last November 7, 2016 with the school directors and the parish priests of the Diocese of Pasig came to being after several revisions to ensure its validity and applicability to both parish and the school.  
Present during the presentation was Rev. Fr. Arnold Eramiz, Parish Priest and Chaplain of Sta. Rosa de Lima Parish and Sta. Rosa Catholic School, Rev. Fr. Orlindo Ordoña, PaDSS Superintendent and School Director, Dr. Sonia B. Sanchez, the school principal, the Parish Pastoral Council Officers of the Parish and all personnel of the school.  Dr. Galve said that for the first time, the manual was presented to both parish and the school altogether.
    The presentation hopes to establish clear parameters of partnership between the parish and the school and vice-versa.  After the talk, delectable snacks were served.

Last Updated (Sunday, 05 August 2018 04:01)

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postheadericon The Elected PAC 2018-2019 Officers

By Admin

STVPS through the PAC empowers the parents to be effective partners in the education of their children.   The Core Officers are elected every year to represent the parents.
 Parent Representatives from all levels who comprise the PAC and the Core Officers of SY 2017-2018 attended the First Meeting held on Saturday, July 14, 2018 at 8 am. 
Registration of Attendees started at 7:30am.  To offer the meeting to God’s glory, an Opening Prayer was led by Mrs. Susan Tagle, Sgt-At-Arms 2017-2018.  Dr. Marcella D. Bejado, the school principal, presented the parenting objectives prepared by Dr. Leo B. Galve.  She also presented her own thoughts of the PAC and the School Theme for the year. 
The previous officers were called upon by the former PAC Moderator, Ms. Maria Lucia Cruz.  They took the floor and thanked the PAC for the year that was. The meeting then proceeded to the Election of Core Officers for the SY 2018-2019 headed by the current PAC Moderator Mrs. Susana S. Nahag.  Nominees and electees were from the core officers of the previous school year and the class representatives of the current year.  After the elections, Ms. Mary Claire Roque, the Master of Ceremony presented the new set of officers for the SY 2018-2019.
President:                         Mrs. Susan Tagle       
Vice President:                  Mrs. Ma. Nelia Tubelleza       
Secretary:                         Mrs. Ma. Soledad  Caeg       
Asst. Secretary:                Mrs. Norma Barbacena       
Treasurer:                         Mrs. Rosalene Fajardo       
Asst. Treasurer                 Mrs. Mary Jane Lauc       
Auditor:                            Mr. Pio Ronato       
PRO (Internal):                Mrs. Imelda Roxas       
PRO (External):                Mrs. Ester Sarmiento       
SGT AT ARMS (Female):    MRs. Gloria Latorena
SGT AT ARMS (Male):        Mr. Norberto Palatino
MUSE:                              Mrs. Angela Apurado
ESCORT:                          Mr. Mark Docdocos


Last Updated (Friday, 03 August 2018 14:39)

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postheadericon The Eucharistic Celebration for the Sacred Heart, the Holy Spirit and the Principal

By Admin

    Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parochial School celebrates a tripartite event yet seen in the history of the 53-year old Catholic Educational Institution:  The First Friday Devotion to the Sacred Heart, the Honour of the Holy Spirit and the birthday celebration of the school principal Dr. Marcella D. Bejado.  The Center for Christian Formation (CCF) scheduled the Mass of the Holy Spirit on July 6, 2018, the first Friday of the month which happened to be the birthday of the school principal.  Annually, the school schedules the Mass of the Holy Spirit at the onset of the school year and the First Friday Devotion every month.  On this day, the school principal celebrates her 2nd birthday with the STVPS community.  Moreover, Grade 3 pupils were trained to sing in the Mass for the first time in preparation for their First Holy Communion.  Rev. Fr. Darwin L. Calderon celebrated the Holy Eucharist. 
    We pray that the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Holy Spirit will guide Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parochial School’s endeavours for the years to come and will bless the birthday celebrator.  Happy Birthday to the ever-gorgeous and super generous school principal, Dr. Marcella D. Bejado!






Last Updated (Monday, 09 July 2018 15:12)

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