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Month of August

12 - Eid’l Adha – No Classes

17,19 -20 - First  Periodical Test

21 - Ninoy Aquino Day – No Classes

      Foundation Anniversary of the Diocese of Pasig

23- Culminating Activity - Buwan ng Wika




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postheadericon NAT Y4 and G6 Mock Tests

The NAT which is normally given to high school students will be administered to the fourth year while the third year, the NCAE.  This move of the National Education Testing Research Center (NETRC) is to prepare the schools for the career path of the incoming fourth year students of the next curriculum year, 2012-2013.  This year, the Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parochial School held a simultaneous Mock Test for Fourth Year and Grade 6 students.  At around 7:30 in the morning of February 4, 2012, students were grouped by their respective advisers for the checking of attendance.  Ms. Rozeanne Taliño and Mrs. Jilline Batayo were assigned as room examiners of grade 6 while Mr. Joel Yacap, Jelisa Victorino, and Mrs. Ethel Cruz of the fourth year high school.  Dr. Leo Galve designed the Mock test materials in terms of number of items and time frame the same as the actual test.  Subject Area Coordinators, Mr. Malabanan, Mrs. Lausingco, Mrs. Aquino, Ms. Bagtas, and Ms. Cruz acted as room supervisors while Ms. Balabat was the Testing Coordinator.  The test lasted for more than 3 hours and 40 minutes.

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postheadericon Personnel Day at Saisaki

Last Friday of January is the traditional Personnel Day of Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parochial School.  For many years now, the school devotes this day in expressing gratitude for the undying services of school personnel.  Last year, personnel were brought to Laguna for an outing.  This year is unique as they were treated for a hearty lunch in Saisaki Restaurant at Ortigas, Pasig along EDSA.  Aboard three cars, personnel were transported to the restaurant last January 27, 2012, after classes were suspended at 11:00 a.m.  Together with the Principal, Rev. Fr. Joel Lofamia and 2 seminarians, 39 personnel enjoyed the mixture of Japanese, Korean, and Filipino cuisines.  Rev. Fr. Ramil R. Marcos was not able to join the group due to some early commitments.  However, he sent his warmest greetings and gratitude to all school personnel.  Mabuhay school personnel!  You truly are one of the many arms of the school in particular and the parish in general.

Last Updated (Saturday, 04 February 2012 14:22)


postheadericon STVPS Meets the Parents

The Annual Parents’ Meeting of the school happened last January 21, 2012. It was participated in by approximately 350 parents from preschool, grade school and high school.  The main objective of the meeting was to inform the parents of the achievements and accomplishments of the current academic year and targets for the next curriculum year.  Present were the advisers in all levels and served as registering officers.  The registration started at 7:30 and the meeting proper commenced at 8:15.  Mrs. Rechelle Carolino, CL/VE Teacher and adviser of the second year SVP led the opening prayer.  Rev. Fr. Ramil R. Marcos, School Director, welcomed the parents and discussed the administrative accomplishments of the school.  He cited the accomplishment of the construction of the third floor, house visits, FAPE scholarships, participation of school personnel in the different ministries of the church, participation in church activities, Balik Biyaya Program, Medical Mission, Feeding Program, Launching of the Website, Drop Everything and Read (DEAR), personnel’s continuing education, and trainings and seminars of the teachers.  Dr. Leo B. Galve, School Principal, presented the accomplishments in students’ services such as leadership training seminar, echo-training seminar, academic early intervention, enrichment program, career path, career talks, medical services, counseling services, and Guidance Office follow-up services.  He also opened to the attendees the targets for the next curriculum year which includes the inclusion of GMRC in the curriculum, maximum participation of the school personnel in the ministries of the church, possible provision of air conditioning units in grade 4, 5, 6, first year and second year classrooms, the change of school uniforms in grade 7, summer remediation program in English, Math, Science and Social Studies, summer enrichment program for kinder pupils, increase of tuition, and the implementation of K to 12 program of the government.  After the presentation of the K to 12 program, question and answer followed.  Several questions were raised concerning the division of grade 3 pupils who will be grade 4 for the next year, the provision of lockers, and clarification of the age bracket in enrollment to K to 12 program.  The meeting ended at around 10:15 a.m.  Mr. Marcelino Malabanan hosted the program.  

Last Updated (Tuesday, 31 January 2012 08:15)


postheadericon English Week Celebration

The Santo Tomas de Villanueva Parochial School spearheaded the celebration of the English Week on November 23,24 and 25, 2011 at the STVPS quadrangle.
Premised on the theme: “Outpouring hearts and minds through Language Proficiency ”, the affair commenced with the introduction of the English Coordinator, Mr. Marcelino V. Malabanan . In his speech he emphasized the importance of learning the English language not only for the individual’s local and domestic pursuits but for global affairs as well. He likewise cautioned the audience not to forget altogether their national language but use it together with the foreign language.
The activities featured competitions on Readers’ Theater, English Rapping and Speech Choir. 
 The English Week Celebration was filled with awesome performances by Primary,  Intermediate and high school level as they showcased their talents in the Readers’ Theater, English Rapping and Speech Choir Contests last November 25.
Teachers and parents were astounded to see their pupils/children perform on stage with their fascinating costumes that even made them look like the charac¬ters they were portraying. The judges had a hard time choosing the best among the best, but in the end only one should stand out, a winner must be proclaimed and here they are:
Winners of the different contest were:
A. Primary Level
1st Place – Grade 2 pupils
2nd Place – Grade 3 pupils
3rd Place – Grade 1 pupils
Best Narrator – Sam Emmanuel    
B. Intermediate Level
1st Place – Grade 6 pupils
2nd Place – Grade 4 pupils
3rd Place – Grade 5 pupils
Best Narrator – Joseph Michael L. Galve
C. English Rapping
1st Place – Grade 5 pupils
2nd Place – 2nd year students
3rd Place – 1st year students
D. Speech Choir
1st Place – Senior
2nd Place- Junior
3rd Place – Freshmen

This is a once in a year competition geared towards developing the pupils’ communication skills as well as enhancing their talents for acting and speaking.
Wrapping it up, I want to thank everyone who helped make this happened most especially the Our Lady of Fatima University, Antipolo for sponsoring the tarpaulin and donating trophies for the winners. Special thanks also to SK Chairwoman, Cassandra de Peralta for donating trophies too. Wait until you see what’s in for next year! “We’ll be back!”

Last Updated (Monday, 30 January 2012 03:21)



December 16, 2011 may be one of the memorable activities of the school as personnel celebrated their Christmas Party.  With the theme “Tara Na, Pasko Na:  A Day of Gift Giving and Love Sharing” personnel left their ordeals and toils in the school to join in the celebration.  Dr. Leo Galve, school principal, tasked the MAKABAYAN Group headed by Mrs. Helen Aquino to plan the program for the party.  They decided that school personnel be divided into five groups and shall create a presentation portraying the theme.  The grouping was done through dra wing of lots.  They shall also comprise the team for the parlor games which include Hula Hoop Relay, Obstacle Race, and Give me Yo ur Body.  The school and some generous donors provide big amount of prizes for the winners.  Fo r the pre sentation, the winner shall receive 5,000.00; 3,500.00 for the second place; 2,000.00 for the third place and 1,500.00 for t he fourth and fifth place respectively.  Winners of the parlor games shall receive 1,000.00.  Likewise, suppliers and book compan i es provided some appliances for the raffle.  To ensure that no one will go home empty handed, the school also allocated ce rt ain amount for the said raffle.  The program started with the opening prayer led by Rev. Fr. Ramil R. Marcos, school director, and t he opening remarks of the school principal.  It was followed by the parlor games and presentations.  At around 11:30, lunch was served. While school personnel were eating their lunch, the principal did the raffle draw.  Af ter the raffle was the exchange of gifts.  The school administration is hopeful that everybody enjo yed the program and special commendation to the MAKABAYAN gr oup for conceptualizing and executing a unique Christmas Party for the school personnel.

Last Updated (Tuesday, 03 January 2012 07:39)


postheadericon HR Pre-Planning

The HR Group of Pasig Diocesan Schools System (PaDSS) to which Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parochial School belongs held Pre-planning last December 22, 2011 at Taway’s residence in Brgy. Maitim, Sitio Gubat, Cavite City.  Highlighting the task provided by Dr. Aldaba at PCC last December 13, 2011, the group composed of Ms. Alice Cuison – HRMD of PCC, Ms. Lorena Marcelino – HR of PCS, Mrs. Estella Taway – HR of SNCS, Dr. Leo Galve – Principal and HR of STVPS and Rev. Fr. Hokan Samson, Director of SNPS and Head of PaDSS HR Group went to Cavite for the formulation of the plans and programs the next curriculum year.  The pre-planning started with the review and evaluation of last year’s program citing lights, shadows and opportunities as the group proudly declare all programs were implemented.  New challenges for the next school year which the group hoped to focus include the preparation of the implementation of K – 12, turnover of personnel serving the school from 0-3 years, launching of members of Speaker’s Bureau, and review of the hiring and screening procedures of teachers to be capable of teaching spiral curriculum.  Rev. Fr. Hokan Samson especially noted that administrators must be vigilant in encouraging personnel to participate in parish activities as evidence to embracing the thrusts of the school being one of the evangelical arms of the Parish.  The pre-planning ended with a short visit to Mrs. Taway’s Pribadong Silid Aklatan.  Special thanks to the couple, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Taway for providing the group a beautiful place and delicious lunch likewise to Kuya Melchor for the safe travel.

Last Updated (Saturday, 04 February 2012 14:21)


postheadericon BELENISSIMO 2011

    Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parochial School lighted 17 specially designed Belen displayed along the corridors of the first floor last December 14, 2011 - the first ever initiative of the school.  Teachers, parents and students were assigned themes of their Belen to be exhibited.  Two Belen were assigned to Pre-school, 1 for the Office Personnel and 1 for each grade and year level.  The general objective of the festival is to promote the center of Christmas in all walks of life.  The Belen is mounted in a 3 x 3 feet flat form.  It uses recycled materials to portray the Holy Family.  Rev. Fr. Ramil R. Marcos, Bro. Monching De Villa, Bro. Monard Raborar, Sis. Michelle Cagomoc and Dr. Leo Galve judged the Belen according to their presentations, concept, content and utilization of recycled materials.  The Belen ng mga Pilipino of fourth year St. Thomas of Aquinas under the supervision of Mr. Marcelino Malabanan bagged the first place.  The whole class received hamburgers.  Belen ng mga Mag-aaral of Grade 5 – St. Monica under the advisory class of Ms. Rozeanne Taliño was the second place and Belen ng mga Matatanda of Grade 3 – St. Blasé under Mrs. Francisca Aurelio, third.  They received each Cornetto and Sundae respectively.  After the Eucharistic Celebration and the Novena to the Our Lady of Perpetual Help, parishioners, parents and students went to school to watch the exhibit.  They were amazed of the creativity of the students.

Last Updated (Tuesday, 20 December 2011 15:59)

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