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July 20,21,23 - First Monthly Test

July 24 - Trade Fair

July 27 - Cooking/Food Festival



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November 2018

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Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parochial School aspires to be an instrument for man’s integral formation by developing the fundamental skills and attitudes centered on St. Tomas of Villanueva’s preferential option for the poor through experiential approaches and learning experiences toward academic excellence, technical competency, patriotism and social responsibility thus producing individuals who can be contributors in the evangelization and in the transformation of the local Church and of the society.



Departmental Objectives

A. Pre-School

To provide a cognitively and socially stimulating environment for the children to acquire:

  1. Mental skills such as the recognition of letters and correct pronunciation and enunciation of letters, colors, sizes, shapes, number concepts and numerals;
  2. Physical skills such as the ability to cut with the use of scissors, catch and throw balls, maintaining balance to walk along a wall or a beam;
  3. Social skills such as completing simple tasks, looking after his or her personal needs, following instruction and sharing;
  4. Spiritual skills such as saying simple prayers and simple act of worship, obeying parents, showing interest in learning God and others.

B. Grade School

  1. To provide basic knowledge and develop their foundation skills, technical skills, attitudes and values to promote their social, physical, mental and spiritual development.
  2. To promote learning experiences to intensify the child’s knowledge and awareness of his environment for involvement.
  3. To develop respect and responsibility to others with preferential option for the poor through the use of experiential approaches.

C. High School

  1. To encourage the students to achieve academic excellence and acquire desirable habits to prepare them for more challenges or for further formal studies.
  2. Deepen their respect and responsibility to others with preferential option for the poor through the use of experiential approaches.
  3. Enhance their technical competency for local and global competitiveness.