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postheadericon Batch 2002 Completes the School’s Quadrangle

By Admin

    Last Grand Alumni Homecoming on September 17, 2016, Batch 2002 pledged to help furnish the school’s quadrangle to ensure maximum use of the facility during ground Physical Education activities and to ascertain the safety of the students.  Through concerted efforts of the teachers, students and parents, funds were raised to defray the cost of the construction.  The fundraiser activities include the Concert of the Band and the Search for Little Mr. and Ms. STVPS and Mr. and Ms. STVPS.  The remaining amount of the total cost of the construction was shouldered by the school.  To complete the facility, only Batch 2002, after the Grand Alumni Homecoming 2016 came back to fulfil their pledge by donating tampered board, rings, shot clock, buzzer, basketball, volleyball, volleyball net and paints making the quadrangle into a fully functional facility.  Dr. Leo B. Galve, School Director, together with Mr. Joel I. Yacap, MAPEH Coordinator and Mr. Rafael A. Rojo received the donations.  The school is grateful to Mr. Paul Joseph Pagkalinawan and the entire Batch 2002 for considering the priorities of the school.  It simply shows that somewhere out there, generous alumni are willing to extend their support.

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