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January 28, 29, 30, 31 - MAPEH Week

February 1 - First Friday Mass 




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May 2019

postheadericon stvps

postheadericon Reyna Elena and Reyna de las Flores from STVPS

By Admin

    Since the participation of Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parochial School in the Annual Santacruzan of Santo Tomas de Villanueva Parish in 2014, the school bagged the coveted crown of Reyna Elena for the third time.  This year is very exciting as the school signed two entries for the parish-wide activity.  Mrs. Rosela Matre represented the parents and Mrs. Niña Theresa Barcelo represented the faculty of the school.
From the first canvassing until the last, the two representatives occupied the top two slots until Mrs. Rosela Matre bagged the crown of Reyna Elena and Mrs. Niña Theresa Barcelo, the crown of Reyna de las Flores.  Mrs. Matre, who was hesitant at first, agreed to represent the school and committed her time, efforts and resources all for the love of her parish.  On the other hand, Mrs. Niña Barcelo, despite her domestic and professional concerns, wholeheartedly accepted the invitation as part of her humble contribution to the involvement of the school to the parish.  
The school, with its students, parents and personnel helped through their little financial contributions likewise, the PaDSS.  Moreover, the full support of their respective spouses and family members were immeasurable.  Teachers and Officers of the Parents Advisory Council lighted the candle during procession held last May 18, 2019.
   The school is grateful for the two representatives and pray that the Lord, through the intercessions of Santo Tomas de Villanueva will be blessed a thousand fold as their participation will help incarnate the numerous programs of the parish.  
Congratulations Mrs. Rosela Matre and Mrs. Niña Theresa Barcelo!

Last Updated (Friday, 24 May 2019 02:37)


postheadericon STVPS Joins PaDSS Annual In-service Training

By Admin

PaDSS 2019-2020 Theme:
PaDSS Family: Animating the Youth as Beloved, Gifted and Empowered in Christ’s Mission.

In time with the reporting of teaching personnel for the School Year 2019-2020, PaDSS scheduled the in-service training on May 16 to 17, 2019.  The Office of the Superintendent requested Teaching Personnel and Non-Teaching Support Personnel which include the Medical Dental, Records, Guidance and Library Services.

Day 1:  May 16, 2019

The morning session of the first day of training was focused on PaDSS concerns starting off with the Eucharistic Celebration presided by Rev. Fr. Orlindo F. Ordoña with Rev. Fr. Orlando B. Cantillon and Rev. Fr. Ed Barrameda as concelebrants.  It was followed by the Direction Setting by the Superintendent, the Health Benefits and Mabuting Pastol Credit Cooperative reports by Rev. Fr. Orlando B. Cantillon and Financial Literacy Program customized by PaDSS personnel.

In the afternoon, concurrent sessions were held in different venues of Pasig Catholic College to wit:

Session 1 – for Apprentice Teacher/Teacher Categories
        Pedagogy in the 21st Century Learning
        Classroom Management
Session 2 – for Senior and Mentor Teacher Categories
        Action Research Workshop
Session 3 - Training for the Creation of PaDSS Quality Assurance Team and Guidelines in             Preparation for possible PAASCU Accreditation of PaDSS Schools without             accreditation

Session 4 – For Non-Teaching Academic Personnel (Guidance, Librarian, Prefect)
        Mental Wellness and Legal Updates
Session 5 – For Non-Teaching Non-Academic Personnel (Medical, Registrar, Finance,                 Secretaries) Data Privacy Act

    Participants were sent home at 3:30 p.m.

Day 2:  May 17, 2019

    Day 2 started at 7:15 in the morning with Rev. Fr. Orlando B. Cantillon celebrating the Mass at Santa Clara de Montefalco Parish, with Rev. Fr. Ed Barrameda concelebrating.  After the Eucharistic Celebration, the assembly was divided in 2 groups that of the teaching personnel and the non-teaching support personnel.  

    Teaching personnel were given a talk on Curriculum Mapping, Lesson Planning and Classroom Assessment while the non-teaching support personnel were given Personality Development and National Secondary Schools Career Guidance and Counseling Program for Students.  But due to time constraints, the scheduled Area Meeting and Planning with Dr. Galve was called-off.

    After lunch, a plenary session was a lecture on Legal Issues on Education, Child Protection Policy, Data Privacy and appertaining laws essential to be understood in school administration.  

    Participants were sent home at 3:30 p.m.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 22 May 2019 10:09)


postheadericon Schedule of Opening of Classes S.Y. 2019-2020


Last Updated (Saturday, 18 May 2019 04:13)


postheadericon Dr. Galve Re-Certifies 5 Private Schools in Bohol

By Admin

 Another appointment was forwarded by PEAC - FAPE to the Office of School Director, Dr. Leo B. Galve to re-certify 5 private schools in Bohol on March 11-15, 2019. The re-certification program aims to determine if recipient schools comply with the DepEd minimum standards in order to continue receiving government assistance to its students.
Flying early to Bohol on a Sunday morning together with a PEAC representative, Dr. Galve was fetched in the airport by the couch captain and a member of certification team from Cebu. Housed in Carmen Villa for three days, the group certified a congregational school and two parochial schools namely Presentation of Mary School of Clarin, Immaculate Academy and San Miguel Academy in Clarin, Duero, and Mayana.
In the late afternoon of Wednesday, the team moved in Tagbilaran to stay at Bohol Sunset Villa and prepare to re-certify Bohol International Learning College and Arbasto Foundation in Dela Paz and Cortes on Thursday and Friday.
The team flew back to Manila on March 16, 2019 reminiscing the hospitality and the warmth of the Bol-anon.

Last Updated (Friday, 24 May 2019 02:30)


postheadericon STVPS Ventures the City Within the Forest

By Admin

     March 6, 2019, in time with the Ash Wednesday, 49 school employees of the Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parochial School flew from Manila to the city in the forest - Puerto Princesa. The group left the school at exactly 4:30 a.m. heading NAIA Terminal 3 to board Flight 5J-637. Excitedly, some personnel opted to sleep in school to avoid being left out together with the school principal who was also equally excited to be with the group. Despite the delay of less than an hour due to air traffic, the group flew under gentle sunrise and still winds. Upon arrival at the hotel, lunch and a short nap, the personnel were ferried to do the city tour. Before the day ended, all personnel had ashes imposed on them in the Mass at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Puerto Princesa.

Second day was based on the interest and the budget of school personnel as majority opted to conquer Honda Bay through Chartered Tour, Do-It-Yourself Tour, and Private Organized Tour. All these means brought immeasurable joy to personnel who were ever-willing to be sun-burned while swimming on clear crystal waters together with colourful fishes. The sand bar, the food, the air and most importantly the fun of being together with co-workers made the experience extra special.

The third day was mostly spent on rest and self-regrouping prior to flying back to Manila through Flights 5J-644 and 5J-648.

The entire school community is grateful to the Chairman, Bishop Mylo Hubert C. Vergara, and the members of the Board of Trustees for approving the proposal of an out-of-town trip for school personnel. This is the school's expression of thanksgiving to the personnel who have helped in improving the general performance and quality of education of the Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parochial School.

Last Updated (Saturday, 18 May 2019 04:14)

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